Cafe de Seoul


Welcome to Cafe de Seoul, Agno street’s interesting coffee shop
For a non-coffee drinker I seem to find myself hanging out in a lot of coffee shops. Then again, if a coffee shop like Cafe de Seoul brings with it the sights, sounds or at least the perkiness of South Korean culture then why not? Ever since I started my graduate studies and even when I took a leave of absence from studying, Cafe de Seoul continues to be the go-to hangout and meeting place for me and my friends. It’s hard not to resist since it standouts in the busy streets of Agno in Manila.


Sit back and enjoy
The first time I entered Cafe de Seoul paralyzed me with its South Korean/Korean Pop perkiness, in fact, it was so perky that I was practically amazed and amused by everything inside the cafe. From its bright lights and blaring Korean pop music, to its nice soft wooden tables and comfortable chairs, the feel of the place certainly exuded a sense of just relaxing and having a good time.


Being Korean cafe expect some Korean things as well
In the countless of times that I have been to Cafe de Seoul, I am fascinated with the South Korean-ness of it all. Seeing that I have a thing for decoration, I always take it upon myself to look at Cafe de Seoul’s customer wall, since this is the usual spot where the character of the place comes alive. It’s always nice to see little post-its and some contemporary art furniture filled with the cafe’s casual visitors insights.


Soft roll cinnamon buns
After all of this enjoyment of furniture and whatnot, the draw of course in any coffee shop is of course…their pastries. Any coffee shop can make coffee that’s why they are called coffee shops but its the pastries that I am always so interested in. Starbucks makes great sandwiches (well not exactly great, great) while Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has their ginormously large and cheap cookies that when heated are practically melting inside your mouth. As for Cafe de Seoul, well they have mochi balls, cakes, cheescakes and cookies. On the occasions that I get to hang out there, I have had their Belgian waffle ala mode, their chocolate chip cookie dipped in chocolate and their soft bun cinnamon roll. It’s a bit obvious that I am a sweets type of guy and I won’t say no to anything with sugar in it.


Time to study, hangout or even just chill
Enjoying the sweets and the coffee is just one part of the whole Cafe de Seoul experience, sitting down to enjoy the beautiful sunlight passing through makes staying here the whole day tempting. The chairs are comfortable, the tables a very nice wooden color, and free wifi to use. The place is good enough to enjoy a good book, have a good conversation, or in some tables, make use of the Samsung tablets for some good old group/solo play. At the end of the day, after all of the sweets have been finished and the last drop of coffee has been drained, staying at Cafe de Seoul was a good experience to be repeated after a hard day inside the classroom.
Cafe de Seoul can be found at Unit  12, 2nd floor, One Archers Place. Agno Street, Taft, Manila. 
They are open Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 1 am and Fridays to Sundays from 9 am to 12:30 am. 
You can reach them via email at, like them on Facebook here

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