Kanto Style Breakfast


Isolated and quiet
In recent years, Kapitolyo has undergone a transformation from the sleepy almost industrial barangay to the present food stop,vibrant and even lively place that it is today. For many who have gone through Kapitolyo, the food choices here are limitless and all cater to a specific palate and cuisine. People who have flocked to this foodie haven have already chosen their favorites: the American, the Thai, the Vietnamese, and a whole mix of fusion and nouveau. Recently, I happened to stumble upon the a somewhat new addition to the food scene here in Kapitolyo, Kanto Style Breakfast is a sequestered and quiet place that serves all-day breakfast.


Plain yet simple

Despite not being in the main thoroughfare of the Kapitolyo food scene, the name and brand of Kanto Style would undoubtedly still bring in people. Kanto Style, being a branch of the other Kanto Styles found in Makati and in Libis, as evidenced by the shirts worn by employees with the hashtags of the branches. Now as the name goes, Kanto Style Breakfast serves a hearty and delicious breakfast. More than that, the sign outside happily announces their store hours as a 24/7 affair. Perfect for those coming from a long haul at work or those nestling a hangover and those still craving for breakfast well after the last sausage Mcmuffin has been served.


Breakfast at 2pm
Feeling right at home with its provincial and industrial warehouse feel, Kanto Style emanates simplicity and not being too overly the top. I guess the reason for this, is the need to stay true to the kanto part of their name. In this branch, a simple house has given life to people to enjoy their breakfast meal, it is sedate and practically spartan. A cement-paved floor, a few chairs, a simple roof and an announcement that they have no wifi so people can talk with one another makes this homey and cozy. Because the branch is set far away from the hub of activity, the two visits that I was there felt like I had the entire branch to myself with only a few people coming and going.


I probably arrived during the ‘morning’ vibe
Being a simple restaurant their menu also exudes the same no fuss, straight forward and to the point affair. Since they serve breakfast around the clock, one can expect that the works would be right there: eggs, pancakes, plain and garlic rice, coffee, viand, cereals, pancake and spreads are all complete and vying for your attention. On my first visit I had the bacon, eggs, rice and a halved tomato; on my second visit I had the same except I opted for the Batangas beef tapa, which at that time was out of stock. From these two experiences I can honestly say that their servings are small but the flavors that go into the meals are simple but very much filling. Indeed a hearty breakfast for lunch.


Batangas beef tapa (P95 +9.50 for tax)
On the other hand the service was pretty slow, considering that there were only 4 customers at that time. I do not know if part of their service was acting the part of having just woken up and moving sluggishly. Nevertheless, once I got my meal it was time to prepare and dig in. The food was delicious and chock full of flavors. I would have to say that the tomatoes were excellent and I love that each slice had a hint of basil and other spices. The added flavor just made it even more delightful and capped the meal off with a perfect flourish.


Lets dig in
It’s nice that Kapitolyo has been reimagined for everyone to enjoy and for once my visit didn’t mean having to spend more than a P100. Kanto Style Breakfast was a break from all the expensive food I had eaten in Kapitolyo and was a return to the basics. Cheap by Kapitolyo food standards since most of their meals cost around P100 + tax it was a good way to get a quick and cheap meal.
Kanto Style Breakfast is located at 1st Street. Barangay Kapitolyo. Pasig City

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