Art in the Park: Greenfield District

Art in the Park

As I was walking home, music and tarpaulins announcing a weekend of art in the park and bargain hunting caught my attention. I have never been into any of the metro’s “Art in the Park” scene and being very curious I just couldn’t resist visiting and seeing for myself artists to do their craft in a very informal, light and casual setting.

For the entire Saturday’s of March, the Greenfield District or formerly known as EDSA Central will be hosting a weekend market for artists, bargain hunters and interested shoppers. The Art in the Park of Greenfield is situated right inside the field.


Profiles and sketches
Entering the park, I was immediately greeted by an assortment of lights, sounds and people who were all casually walking past artists, both young and old, working and painting on the field. Walking around there were a lot of stalls at the fringes of the field, inside these stalls were works that were spontaneously made or are part of the artist’s collection. Some stalls also sold books on art, textiles and other crafts that involve any manner of creativity.


Different subjects and different interpretations
Scattered in the field, were artists painting and drawing different subjects using different mediums. On one side there were a group of young artists using permanent markers making pop-art murals; another artist would be kneeling on the ground making a Mark Chagall inspired painting; a few would be randomly drawing and painting various landscapes and subjects using chalk, oil pastels and the traditional paint and brush.


A work in progress

In some stalls, there were people who were doing sketches and inviting the casual walker to sit down and pose/model for them. An interesting one was this photographer who took random pictures of people and started turning them into watercolor works of art. Watching all of these artists converge in one area makes for an interesting evening. As I made my way through different crowds there were pleasant surprises and stories of the art scene in the metro. Artists sit in their respective stalls while people come closer, take a look and ask how they came about with their work. As I looked and snapped up different pictures, I couldn’t help but listen to their stories and how many of them learned to hone their craft and master a certain technique.


Pop art using a permanent marker
All of the works inside the park are up for sale and many of the artists were glad to give a brief on what went into the process of creating their work. These artists were pretty emphatic with their work and would go the extra mile to sell you their works. Usually art pieces would cost around Php. 10,000 upwards and I have always equated the act of buying paintings to be an expensive endeavor. But I was wrong, many of the paintings were around Php. 3,000 – Php. 10,000. There was one that I wanted to buy, a pen and ink drawing of a street in either Intramuros or Vigan, which the artist was trying to sell originally at Php. 2,000 then he went down another Php. 500 and then a further Php. 500 reduction. After careful consideration and with deep regret, I couldn’t buy it, it was a struggle between needs versus wants and I am sure that I may never see that work ever again.


On the spot watercolor sketches


Wood carved stamped paintings (P 3,000)
While all of this is happening, the atmosphere in Greenfield is one of festivity and creativity, apart from art being created, musicians play various songs to lighten the mood and provide an avenue to relax and enjoy the coming-summer breeze. It was a good evening to lounge around and take in the sights of a renewed part of town.


On display
In a lot of ways, I am glad that I got to take a detour in this part of Mandaluyong. I am glad that what was once an ugly, industrial and depressed looking part of town has been transformed into a place where culture can reside sometimes. More than that, Art in the Park movements help establish artists who are trying to capture the attention of the common man. Events such as these, give artists the opportunity to also make money and I am sure for them, money may seem pretty hard to come by.


A masterpiece in production
Art in the Park at the Greenfield District is open every Saturday for the entire month starting today the 8th of March. 
Greenfield District can be found along Shaw Boulevard and is the old EDSA Central jeepney terminal. 

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