Fullybooked’s Press Cafe


Your Press Cafe

To start of, I am not a coffee person, never have been one to enjoy a shot of caffeine in my system. Coffee for me is just another way to socialize with other people and spend countless hours in a good conversation with a good friend. On the other hand, coffee shops and cafes are a different matter, the atmosphere is conducive for relaxing and people watching and most of the time I enjoy every visit there. Who wouldn’t? with its cozy chairs, great lighting and quiet atmosphere there really are so little reasons why I wouldn’t mind staying there.


Candidly ordering

Every time I buy a new book, I always feel the need to just sit down, open it up and get lost in its pages. In Pasig/Mandaluyong, the places where I do get to sit down are in Starbucks and Coffee Bean, places that I don’t usually go to because of the prices and there are just too many people occupying the seats that I want. But going down south is another story, ever since the FullyBooked branch at the Shangri-La Plaza was shuttered, I could never bring myself to go to the Fort branch. Again, there were just too many people and their only coffee shop was Starbucks. Though I have nothing against said coffee shops, they’re just overrated and overpriced. On the other hand, there is the Press Cafe located in the ground floor of the FullyBooked branch at Alabang Town Center.


Lately, Press Cafe, has been my go-to place for unwinding after having browsed through countless shelves in FullyBooked’s mega store in the south. Looking for the book/s that you want isn’t easy, for all my OC-ness I also need to look for one that’s in good condition and has a great cover. But that’s another story. So after settling myself with a copy of Gregory Maguire’s Wicked (see my experience of the musical here), Tricia and I needed a place to sit, admire the book (which I will read after King’s Under the Dome) and have a good conversation.

Wall art

While ordering the drinks that we wanted, I couldn’t help but admire the place. Press Cafe has a very industrial and country feel to it. The floor to ceiling windows and door brings in a lot of color and lights up the cafe without needing any more artificial light, perfect if you’re all alone with your book.

As I surveyed the cafe, it’s obvious that this is really a place for readers. Their counter, and to my dismay, was lined with books. However the first time I tried pulling one title out, I found that the books were cut up and and used to design the counter. A sad end for an unwanted book. In another part of the cafe, there was a wall with an art piece with books as it’s medium. Interesting however I still felt that in some part of the world, that book would have given a new reader joy.


The mandatory coffee art

After having been slightly appalled by the books, our drinks had arrived. For P90 a drink, it wasn’t so bad; Tricia had coffee and I had the fresh pressed iced tea. Not bad and the drinks were more than enough to cover the time spent chatting about so many things.

Our weekends

Press Cafe can be found at the ground floor of FullyBooked Alabang, Commerce Avenue, Muntinlupa City. 
They are open daily from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm. 
Visit their Facebook page here

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