Wicked in Manila


No one mourns the Wicked

I had heard of Wicked thanks to my sister who left Gregory Maguire’s book on my bed many years ago. But I never had the chance to read about. My knowledge of the musical’s songs were limited to Glee’s overplayed rendition, but other than that the whole musical escaped me.

When it was announced that Wicked would have its theatrical run here in Manila, I just couldn’t pass up the chance. I took it upon myself to wait patiently for those tickets to be sold on the first day. Being passively interested in the musical I didn’t expect the first night or few days to have limited stocks at once. Nevertheless I was able to buy two tickets and wait for the next six months until the musical arrived in our shores.

When the musical finally arrived, I earnestly felt the hype surrounding Wicked. However, being the passively interested person that I am (was), I didn’t bother listening to any of the songs. Once again Glee’s overplayed and over-hyped “Defying Gravity” still sends shivers down my spine.


Capiz chandeliers in the CCP foyer

Last week, Tricia and I, finally had the opportunity to watch Wicked. The moment we entered the CCP, the air was literally abuzz with Wicked activity. Fans of the musical numbered in the hundreds and it was evident hat our show was packed. Families, couples, and barkadas were all here and with it the fanfare of the musical itself.

Not intending to miss out on the opportunity to remember the play, we were able to snag a few souvenirs (our tickets and memories don’t count). Tricia got herself a Wicked shirt and I got the Wicked binoculars and an Ozian monkey. Cute items that are now on my bookshelf.


Wicked monkey (Php. 1,200)


Wicked binoculars (Php. 300)


The moment the musical started, I knew and felt that I was in for a very good show. The stage and all its props were perfect, the singing was stupendous, and the story touching. While the musical progressed, I found the music perfect companions to the story. Songs such as “For Good” drove the musical’s plot home, “Popular” and “What is this feeling?” helped make Wicked a light and comedic affair. For a matinee show (well I wouldn’t know or I can’t compare), the understudies were extremely good and just hearing Elphaba belt out “Defying Gravity” the way Idina Menzel does it, will more than make you feel the power and “gravity” of her voice coursing through your body and move you.

One short day in the Emerald City


The Wizard will see us now

My weekend with Wicked was an unforgettable experience. I now understand why people love the musical and its addicting songs. If you feel that the price for a ticket is too expensive, the experience of watching this Broadway musical right here in Manila, is worth every centavo. If you’re worried about not getting the seats in the orchestra section, the balconies provide a good enough view that you won’t feel as if you were cheated from watching Wicked.

Wicked was shown at the CCP Main Theater. 
Its run started January 22 and ended on March 9, 2014. 

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